Mine is a dreamy mind full of fancy and fantasy…
Limitless possibilities, limitless imagination…

Photography professes self-expression…
Undeterred passion, unbound compassion…

I love nature & architecture, travelling & writing,
Exploration & experimentation, music & dance.

‘I joined photography design at NID to channel my passion and curiosity for the world around me. From architecture to photography, the fire that keeps me going is my urge to create. To me photography is a means of self-expression, a depiction of life as my reality. Because no one sees things in quite the same way, it is my vision, expressed. I choose to photograph subjects that I feel deeply about, like music, nature conservation, dance, architecture, people… because I believe that you are what you feel and you can only make a difference if you truly care.’

Ankita Asthana is the founder of the popular wedding photography & filming company ‘WeddingNama’.Her expertise is in capturing natural moments in an epic manner.

She has completed her post graduation in photography from the reputed National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. Part of her training as a photographer was conducted in the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham in the United Kingdom(UK). Her background in architecture helped her understand design & composition. Her passion for capturing the most beautiful timeless frames keeps her going. Apart from shooting weddings, she loves other genres like wildlife, travel, documentary.

She has shot all over the world including Mexico, Kenya, France, Turkey, UK, UAE, Muscat, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali apart from the Indian favourites like Ladakh, Kashmir, Rajasthan, Kerala and so on!

Her work has been exhibited across the globe in exhibitions in London, Brazil, India and constantly published in online media & magazines like vogue, harpers bazaar, NYTimes, Huffington Post. She has won awards in the industry like WPJA award for documentary wedding photography,  Diamond award for engagement photography, Junebug destination photo of the year 2016, Best Wedding Photographer at Great Indian Wedding Awards (GIWA) 2016 & 2017, Best Wedding Photographer at WOW Asia Awards 2017. She is a member of international photography communities like Fearless Photographers & WPJA (Wedding PhotoJournalist Association).  She has been panel & jury member during various photography conferences & awards. She has been invited to Stockholm, Sweden for the Profoto Conference in Sep 2017. She constantly teaches and gives talks on photography on various platforms like Nikon School, PepX. She loves sharing her learnings and conducts regular workshops and sessions at WeddingNama Studios. She is regularly invited as a speaker on portals like WeddingSutra MasterClass in Mumbai, Adobe Webinar organised by Better Photography. She has her YouTube channel where she posts reviews and her experiences.

About WeddingNama

WeddingNama is one of the most sought after teams in the wedding photography industry in India. They are one of the few teams who are experts in both photography & filming. It is a full-time team of  professionals including photographers, cinematographers and editors. 


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‘Ankita has a keen sense of observation which helps her have a great perspective before she clicks an image. She is a talented photographer and understands the importance of just the right amount of light in each one of her images. Her beverage shots were exceptional.’
Kapil Chopra
The Oberoi Group (VP)
 ‘Ankita is amazing to work with and she has a discerning eye which is a rare quality to posses and much required in the field of photography. She has managed to capture the most candid of images during my show at Lakme Fashion Week and has truly enhanced the visual personality of the brands past season with her beautiful shots. Especially the images with Alesia have captured many eyes and I have her to thank for it. I hope to work with her soon again as her talent is hard to come across.’
Yogesh Chaudhary
Fashion Designer (Surendri)
 ‘Dear Ankita, You will make a mark! All the best. Love Music.’
Padma Shri Anup Jalota
Bhajan Samrat
‘Love the photos. The best kisses & wishes to a beautiful Indian Photographer.’
Alexandra Stan
International Pop Singer
‘‘Ankita loves what she does. And I think that is something that will take her very far. She was very enthusiastic about the shoot she did for us and the result was fantastic. Good luck Ankita.’
Anuj Sharma
Fashion Designer
 ‘Thank you so much Ankita. I just saw the video you made the other day again and thought of you so fondly. You are a very special lady.’
Kiran Chaudhry Amlani (married to Riyaaz Amlani)
Gorgeous Pakistani Singer & artist
 ‘It must have been fated. We came across many photographers but Ankita’s personal touch really helped us making our decision. It was definitely worth it, we were so excited with the final outcome and we feel the most important moments were captured.  My experience with Ankita and the team was wonderful. Ankita knew exactly what was going through my mind at each step of my journey. I am sure with her experience she understands the emotions a girl goes through before her wedding. I remember the day of my wedding Ankita kept calming my nerves she could see I was going through all these mixed emotions so for me it helped having Ankita around.’
Manisha (married to Viren)
WeddingNama Bride