‘Beautiful’ is a word that is really underrated. It is one of the most commonly used adjectives. It is so subjective that what one person perceives beautiful could easily be another’s nightmare. It also happens to be the one word most commonly associated with women. Very rarely does one hear about a beautiful man, even though they exist!

I am not going to discuss beautiful women or men in this post. I am going to discuss beautiful photographs. What does it take to create something so beautiful that no one in their right mind would disagree with the notion. Something so unique that it generates a unified response from a varied audience.

Photographs are directly related to people’s emotions. They generate a feeling of nostalgia. With every photograph taken, a moment is frozen in time. A memory is generated. A visual is created. Every single time someone looks at a photograph, they are reminded of a certain point of time. Even when they may not be related to the photograph themselves.

Therefore a photographer has a lot of responsibility on her shoulder. A photographer’s goal is to create something meaningful and beautiful with every single release of the shutter. Specially when you are a wedding photographer, this responsibility quadruples. You become a part of someone’s life for a few days. You are given the responsibility of capturing these precious moments. Moments that happen within seconds. Moments that cannot be missed. Moments that cannot be replayed. Moments that cannot be recreated.

Again things are so subjective in the creative world that what you find beautiful may not appeal to someone else in the same manner. Creating a universal language of beauty is not only difficult, some people deem it impossible.

I do not believe in the word impossible. I believe that when you set your heart at achieving something, however difficult, it is always possible. So, if you decide that you want to create something so beautiful that everyone who sees it gives the same response, you can! You just have to try a little harder. Never become overconfident. Take each assignment as a personal project. Put your heart in it. Do not treat is as business. Treat it as a wedding in your family. Treat it as your own and you shall own it!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to get calls from the couples whose wedding I covered and I can hear (yes, hear) them smiling on the other side of the line. Happy and beautiful! 🙂

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