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Everyday I wake up and think of you, everyday you make me want to be a better person… Everyday I get inspired by you, everyday you make me happy… Happy […]


‘Beautiful’ is a word that is really underrated. It is one of the most commonly used adjectives. It is so subjective that what one person perceives beautiful could easily be […]

Van Gujjars

Life in the forest as a Van Gujjar (nomadic tribe) is intriguing for city dwellers like me. Once in a while, I enjoy trekking through the forests and spending time […]

Open Question

Q: How do you define happiness? A: The state of being happy. Happiness means different things to different people. Q: What makes people happy? A: Money? Possessions? Power? Love? Pleasure? […]

My AWESOME Nanima…

Scene-1: The location is a modest rooftop in the town of Agra. A coir bed is laid. The winter sun is shining brightly. A simple and pious lady wearing a […]

Wrath of the devil

Just one 6 short of the devil’s number, a drop of water rolled down the leaf and fell upon her head. It was a dark moonless night. There she was, […]

The perfect world

Once upon a time, in a sparkling land far far away, there were fireflies which spit fire and shutterbugs which burst into flashes. Together they lit up the dream world […]

Nishka Lulla & Dhruv Mehra

‘Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale..!’ And a fairytale did come true this June when WeddingNama couple Nishka & Dhruv […]