Wedding Tidbits – 2

Sharing experiences & behind the scenes of few of my wedding photographs. These are directly posted from my instagram account.

First Photograph: Thank you @weddingphotojournalists for the diamond award for @engagementphotographers Posting this photograph on my feed on popular demand. Everyone wanted to know how it’s been shot and at what time. This was shot in the National park of Phuket that was right next to the beach and has these giant trees. Since we were shooting in a public space, it was really crowded. However I was sure that I wanted the giantness (this is a made up word) of the trees to show in the photographs. Requested a few Thai people to give us some space and they were so accommodating that they actually moved their entire picnic setup to another place just so we could get this shot. No wonder Thailand’s tourism is doing so well, it has amazing locals!
Coming to the technical aspect, the photograph was shot on a tilt shift lens to give this feel. And was shot at around 3/4 pm in the afternoon. So there are burn outs but somehow they are making the couple’s silhouette more prominent. Thereby adding to the beautiful moment between them.
I also want to thank @nishtolani my beautiful #weddingnamabride to trust me to capture her & Anmol’s wedding.